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We are a company providing high quality environment for people!

A leading manufacturer of automotive, residential, and commercial refrigerant control devices,
including thermostatic expansion valves, pressure switches and receiver driers.

President's Message

Fujikoki Corporation has been extending the business in the field of automatic control devices for the automotive air-conditioners, residential air-conditioners and cold chain and has been researching, manufacturing and marketing our line-up of products developed by our own technologies.

We currently enjoy the highest market share in the industry with accolade on the product reliability received from the customers. All the management and employees are going to anticipate the needs of customers and concentrate on developing new technologies and products as well as quality control.

We also have been reinforcing our global network in order to meet globalization of the market and customers’ extension to overseas countries.
The global network of the Fujikoki Group has become stronger consequently with 10 plants in overseas countries and 5 plants in Japan.

We, as a partner of our customers, strive for the innovation of technology and the globalization of our network with “Fujikoki Spirits” indicated within our principles.

We look forward to your continuous support.

Takayoshi Yokoyama

President & Group CEO
Fujikoki Corporation